Classic Egyptian sofa: This model of classic sofa is often covered with plain velvet fabrics and cushions with patterned fabrics are placed on it, which provides the comfort of comfortable furniture. The handles of this model are a combination of wood and fabric, which looks like a royal chair. The wood used in this model of classic sofa is often inlaid with special designs and sometimes gilded.

French classic furniture: Like all types of classic furniture, this model has a large and aristocratic appearance that will be very suitable for houses with a large space. Golden and inlaid handles and bases have added to its grandeur. In some of the sets of this model of the classic style, there are bench-shaped furniture legs that can be laid on like comfortable furniture after daily work and relieve fatigue.

Classic Polish furniture: One of the most popular classic style furniture is the classic Polish furniture, which with its compact appearance is very suitable for houses with small space. Patterned fabrics along with plain and curved wood create a special and unique look that will attract people with special tastes.

Classic sofa: Some types of comfortable furniture are designed in a classic way so that people who are thinking about the comfort of the furniture have a choice to choose from.