Furniture design based on customer needs

Another principle that is considered in furniture design is the observance of customers 'needs and demands. In this case, which goes back more to the design and model of furniture, what is considered more than any other factor by the designer is the use of furniture based on customers' needs.

Design of L furniture, design of folding sofas, sofa sofas and the like are some of the examples that can be provided in this field. It was presented in a variety of styles according to the needs of customers who like a combination of modern and traditional decorations, all of which are considered successful designs.

Furniture design based on function

In this part of the design principle, what the designer pays attention to is the function and use of the furniture. In this part, which includes sub-categories such as different styles of furniture, color design and model, the furniture designer tries the furniture based on its application and styles Design various interior decorations.

With a clear example in this section, we will guide you in understanding the principles of furniture design based on more functionality. As you know, sofas have different styles, including: classic, luxury and modern. For example, he designs furniture that is intended for use in small apartments and uses a symbol of classic furniture (including delicate wood worked in the crown and handles) in this design, classic sofas and L sofas. Classic styles are in this category.

Another example of this style of design is the combination of L furniture and Chester sofa, which is designed for classic decorations. If leather is used for the upholstery, these sofas will be suitable for luxury decorations.

In the case of color and model design, which includes the use of different colors and their combination in the manufacture of furniture or the use of cushions of different models, what will be most effective is the compatibility of this design with fashion. For example, sofas with floral upholstery or a combination of plain fabric and floral cushions were fashionable for a long time and had many fans, while today jacquard upholstery is very popular among fashion lovers.

Final tips for furniture design principles

According to the presented points, it can be understood that the principles of home furniture design rely more on users' needs and tastes than anything else. They have used a sense of comfort and relaxation in the design, on the other hand, designs that are more compatible with different types of home decoration styles have been more welcomed and more durable, but the role of fashion and trends in this area should not be ignored, although the design Simple and original products are the most durable and welcomed in the furniture industry, but many users are interested in arranging their home decoration in accordance with fashion and benefit from the principles of fashion and design in accordance with current trends.