The royal sofa in ancient times was made only for the nobility and nobles. After the Industrial Revolution and the emergence of the middle class in societies, the royal sofa also found its way into the homes of ordinary people. Furniture manufacturers in every country apply their original art in royal furniture. Today, all kinds of stylish royal sofas are more popular in the Orient, such as Iran, Turkey and Egypt. In the following, we will introduce you to different types of new royal sofas.

Egyptian sofa with milk paws

In the Egyptian sofa model, the milk paw is engraved with a design similar to the milk paw on the sofa handles. Sometimes the base of the sofa also has a milky paw design. Egyptian Milk Claw sofa is one of the most original models of the Egyptian royal sofa. The frame of the Egyptian sofa is usually made of beech wood. The fabric of the Egyptian sofa is usually the Turkish Chanel fabric.

Egyptian royal sofa

The greatness of the ancient monuments and rich civilization of Egypt is clear to everyone. The Egyptian people have a great interest in decorating with ornaments, jewelry and precious objects. This can be seen in all Egyptian artistic fields. Including the Egyptian royal sofa, which is one of the busiest and most colorful types of stylish royal sofas. The Egyptian royal sofa has unique designs on its crown, handle and base. These roles are sometimes intertwined and very interesting. Egyptian sofa is suitable for those who like a lot of luxury and glamor in home decoration design.

The color of the Egyptian royal sofa

In the structure of the Egyptian royal sofa, bright colors are used more. Colors such as gold and silver in the inlays and textures add to the splendor of the Egyptian royal furniture. The fabric of the Egyptian royal furniture is mostly chosen from heavy and original colors such as hazelnut, bone or shell.