Egyptian bat sofa

Another popular model of the Egyptian royal sofa is the Egyptian bat sofa. The design of the Egyptian bat sofa is reminiscent of bat wings. This model of Egyptian sofa is also called crab. Egyptian bat sofa frames in Iran are usually made of beech, walnut or alder wood.

Turkish royal sofa

 It has a simple and elegant design. There is no mention of complex roles in its engravings. The fabric design of the Turkish royal sofa is usually simple. Or it uses a combination of two designs and colors of fabric. Royal Turkish sofa is suitable for people who like classic and simple style. The color of the Turkish royal sofa is generally a soft range of green, blue, purple or pink.

The role of cushions in the Turkish royal sofa is very prominent. Cheerful and patterned cushions usually compensate for the overall softness of the color of the Turkish royal sofa. In a word, the Turkish royal sofa is the most stylish and luxurious model among the types of royal sofas. That hard-core people will definitely like it too.

Royal sofa Prince

Almost all models of royal sofas are similar. No special distinction can be made between them. The Royal Prince sofa is one of the most popular models. Each workshop has its own model called the Royal Prince Sofa. The royal royal sofa usually has intricate inlays and many crowns. Each three-seater sofa has at least three carved crowns on its back. The colors of the Royal Prince sofa are varied. Some people consider the royal royal sofa as a special example of the same Egyptian furniture. Royal sofa Prince is one of the new types of busy and heavy royal sofa. Which is suitable for large spaces and generous halls.