Camel Back Sofa

This sofa became popular in the homes of the rich Arabs.

The name of this sofa is due to its curved and hump-like support. Generally, two humps similar to camel humps are seen on the support and sometimes up to three humps.

The appearance of this sofa is luxurious and can change the look of your decoration.

This type of sofa is used for wooden bases close to each other. The camel support sofa is a modern style furniture.

Day bed sofa

The function of this sofa is clear from its name. Furniture that is used for sitting during the day and for sleeping and resting at night.

These sofas are very suitable for homes that have a lot of traffic and do not have enough space to make a bed.

Lawson sofa

This category of furniture is very comfortable and literally fits into the category of comfortable furniture.

Commonly used for living space and in front of the TV.

This type of sofa, in addition to being soft and movable, also has soft backrests.