Tuxedo sofa

Among the names of different types of furniture, did you hear this name? You are right. We have all heard this name a lot, but not in the style of a sofa; But in the form of a men's ball gown.

But the tuxedo sofa, with handles and backrests of all heights, is similar to the Chesterfield sofa. On the contrary, there is no curvature or complexity in this sofa and all the lines are smooth, straight and geometric.

The cover of this sofa is fabric and the booklet of comfortable sofas is categorized.


Mid Century sofa

These sofas became popular in the middle of the twentieth century, just when the medieval style of architecture, interior design, product design and graphics emerged. The furniture is rectangular and has smooth lines, mattresses and tuned backs.

This type of sofa is designed for beauty and comfort; But it is not the most comfortable type of furniture and can be purchased if the house is properly designed.

Double sofa (Settee)

This sofa is suitable for small and compact environments.

It has space for two people to sit and its back is smooth and without curvature.

English arm roll sofa

The handles of this style are made round. It also has soft mattresses that make it more comfortable to sit on.

Its backs are immovable and strong.

These pieces of furniture can be easily set with sporty styles.