Brass Bed Frame

Brass bed frames have an antique look to them. Brass is a type of metal that comes in a variety of colors from golden to silvery yellow. Typically, the more silver the brass bed frame is, the cheaper it is.

Rocking Bed

If you are a true fan of the rocking sensation, this is a bed that's likely to appeal to you. It is based on a foundation of a rounded wooden structure which resembles the one of a rocking chair. As you push it front to back, the bed will start rocking.

Low Poster Bed

Similar to a four-poster bed, a low poster bed has posts that rise up from each corner. What makes this bed unique is the height of the posts. This type of poster bed has much lower posters that are only a few inches in height.

Magnetic Floating Bed

This is a bed which takes advantage of permanent opposing magnets with industrial strength. This is what enables it to float. It could hold as much as 900 kilograms of weight which is quite significant. It looks tremendously high-tech.