As you know, at the moment, due to the importance of office desks for individuals and employers, many manufacturers are producing office desks. This production is very different due to the variety of designs and different perceptions of people from the space and interior design and architecture, but in the case of office desks, the general designs of office desks are:

U-shaped office desk

A U-shaped office desk has a similar format to an L-shaped office desk. In this case, a bridge connects two tables that form a "U" shape. The layout of the space determines the configuration of a U-shaped office desk. If you are sitting behind the main table and the bridge is to your left, the U-shaped table is a "left bridge". If the bridge is to your right, a U-shaped table is a "right bridge". A U-shaped office desk is suitable for large spaces and provides enough space for accessories and equipment.

L-shaped office desk

An L-shaped office desk provides a large surface area for equipment and multitasking. L-shaped office desk is suitable for using the space of corners and large areas. You can choose the appropriate configuration (right-aligned or left-aligned) according to the convenience and layout of your office space.

Reception Desk

Reception desks should be your primary sight when you first step into any type of office. They are meant to be moderately elegant, to attract people and comes in different sizes, colours and shapes. Reception desks are purposely designed to be used at the office reception areas. Consideration should be given to the amount of space available at your office, colour and dimension of the desk.