The increase in the demand for reasonably priced furniture has placed a premium on the economical use of wood. Natural wood is extremely wasteful as a material. Hardly more than 25 percent of the natural substance of a tree actually goes into the furniture made of solid wood.

  • Beech wood

Beech wood is a semi-heavy, hard and hard wood, due to its relatively high hardness, insects and fungi can not damage the beech wood, and this is one of the benefits of beech. Beech wood is found in nature in cream and reddish color. Imported beech wood has good moisture and dimensions and causes less waste in the furniture industry.

  • Walnut wood

The wood of the walnut tree is beautifully patterned and burnt brownish gray. It is a kind of strong and relatively durable wood. Due to the hardness and bitterness of walnuts, wood-eating insects do not want to eat it, which is one of the benefits of walnut wood. Due to its good strength, walnut wood is usually used in furniture frames; Because it has good resistance to tension and bending as well as pressures and is considered a semi-heavy wood. In addition to the furniture industry, walnut wood is also used in decorative and fancy works, and is also widely used in making musical instruments and wooden sculptures, inlays and mosaics.