Puff bed

Another type of ottoman chair can be placed next to the bed. This type of puff is located at the end of the bed and rests on it and will be suitable options for resting and placing the legs. Of course, their cash register type can also be a good place to put small items around the bed.

Puff glider model

If you have a glider or rocking chair, a puff glider can easily add to you. You can place it in the bedroom or living room or anywhere else you need a footrest. Most glider pads are round and made of your sofa or chair.

Puff leather

Due to the fact that Ottoman chairs are also used as footrests, so it is better that their body is easily washable and also the possibility of scratches and tears is low in them. Puff leather sofa is one of the suitable options in this situation, which can be used in different decoration styles by creating beautiful designs.