The term furniture and furniture refers to furniture that is primarily used indoors, including apartments, shops, offices or other residential units. Outdoor furniture (for example, garden furniture) can also be used. So the term is the opposite of immovable (real estate) which is completely attached to the floor or building structures.
In general, furniture is a set of objects that are used to create a suitable background for the activities of a set. There are different types of furniture, depending on their type, they can include different items with special features. In the following, we want to deal with one of the most famous types of these objects called ergonomic furniture.
In fact, many people today, depending on the job they have, such as programmers, employees of banks and offices, etc., due to the type of job they have and are forced to sit behind a desk and chair for a long time and activities Do themselves, if they do not follow the tips that help maintain the health of the body structure, they will suffer from physical problems in the long run, so it is very important to make furniture to help this problem.Ergonomic furniture is generally a set of objects designed to support function and comfort for human use, reduce the risk of musculoskeletal problems, joint pain, back problems, neck pain, arthritis, limitations for limbs and poor blood pressure,designed.

In order for a piece of furniture to be considered ergonomic, it must:

Not restrict but further enhance natural movement and flow of the human body
Support natural S posture of the spine rather than forcing it into a C shape
Be easily adjusted to accommodate a diverse range of people
Encourage more physical movement during the day where possible
Put usability ahead of aesthetic or convenience
Reduce stress of joints, bones and muscles.