Waist support

This does not require thinking; But make sure the curvature and shape of the back provide the support you need. Many chairs have adjustable backrests, which is an added advantage, especially for multi-user chairs.

Rotating tilt mechanism

Swivel Tilt This feature allows you to change the angle of the seat and the seat backrest in the same ratio, in simpler language, by pressing the handle of this mechanism, the seat and backrest angle can be set to the desired position and then locked . Most spinal injuries occur when we often sit in an office chair in a bad position. The tilt rotation reduces the pressure on the back and allows more body fluids to move.

Sliding seat

You will not find this feature in most major stores. However, most women especially benefit from it. Because women usually have shorter legs, they eventually have to sit in their chair, leaning forward, which leaves them without a backrest. By sliding the seat, the depth of the seat can be shortened, thus creating more support for the lumbar region.

Being lightweight

Many people feel that chairs with conventional grilles may not provide good support, which may be true. In addition, lightweight materials make it easier to move.