Green; Psychological effects of using green in decoration

Green is a color inspired by nature and full of virginity. The color in interior decoration when it ends in green will bring you hope for life, success at work and growth in abilities. Green, which is a very lovable and attractive color, always carries an important point with it, and that is the fast adaptation and high harmony with other colors. This color along with white seems to be the best color for spaces such as living room, bedroom or workplace that can be used. The role of this color in the interior decoration is freshness and freshness.

Blue; Psychological effects of using blue in decoration

Blue is one of the most important colors in interior design and color theory, which has a profound effect on the human mind. That is why blue is considered to be one of the best colors for the bedroom. This color, which pursues calmness and pacifism, is an emotional start to change the decor in the home and brings relaxation on a large scale.

Red; Psychological effects of using red in decoration

Red is the color of fire, passion, danger and power. This color is bold and provocative and no specific age criterion is defined for it. Red is a warming and exciting color that brings people closer to each other, but on the other hand, you should be careful that excessive use of red in the home space is completely wrong and causes the space to deviate from normal. The role of this color in interior decoration is stimulating and stimulating and is also considered an appetizing color. For this reason, we see its use in many restaurants and fast foods.